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UPDATE: Past 3 months

So three months have past and I have been very busy from the success of winning the Nanomedicine Essay Competition by the British Society of Nanomedicine and winning entry to the Nano4Life 2013 conference; studying a nano-pharmaceutical course at the Nanomedicine Summer School carried out by Oxford University Department for Continuing Education; as well as carrying out lab experience at the University of Lincoln.

First I am really proud and privileged to have won one of the two places for the Nanomedicine Essay competition which I mentioned in a previous post. The conference Nano4Life 2013 was held on the 15th of May 2013 and I found the experience extremely useful in gaining new knowledge and meeting people very passionate about nanomedicine. I further gained an insight into the new developments into nanomedicine which are ever developing into a wide and vastly evolving area. A link to a press description by the University of Lincoln can be found here.

Secondly I attended a nano-pharmaceutical course at the Nanomedicine Summer School carried out by Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. At the summer school I met fellow scientists, researchers and students which I conversed with and learnt a great deal about the different applications for drug delivery and new advances such as using thermo-responsive nano-particles to deliver chemo therapy drugs to tumours/cancers where some are 2-3 degrees above the normal temperature of the body. Another interesting fact I gathered from my experience at the Nanomedicine school was the issues involved in pharmaceutical licencing as one modification which can normally be done to a drug such as paracetamol cannot be done to a nano-particle as it may change every property of the particle such as toxicity, localisation and bioavailability in the body. Furthermore, changes in the protocol of designing a new nano-particle for drug delivery can affect the same properties I have mentioned previously.

As well as all of the studying I have done, I have managed to fit in some work experience at the University of Lincoln and get experience with protein purification as well as attaching protein to a gold nanoparticle. Furthermore I had experience using a new piece of equipment called the NanoSight. Nanosight is a brilliant piece of equipment which uses a normal optical light microscope which is stripped down to use a laser to measure the light scattering off particles of nano-size in solution using the Brownian motion. I have had experience of measuring gold nano-particles.


Applying for a Nanomedicine conference

I am currently applying for a nanomedicine conference In London which is available for 11+, undergraduate and postgraduate students!

The idea of the competition is where students from various levels with a scientific background (presumably) can apply for free entry to the conference with £150 travel bursary by completing a 1000 word essay on any area which inspires the candidate applying. The conference is being held by Nano4Life.

Me personally, I’ve written an essay about the future of nanorobotics in medical diagnosis and uses in the future of medicine. Due to the limited number of competition winners (only two) and the about of views of the page (107 at the time this was written), I’m not too optimistic about winning with less than 2% chance in theory but I am hoping that if I do I can use the conferencing event to get use to the atmosphere of a conference as well as networking and building links into the industry I want to enter.

Furthermore, It will give offer the chance to personally talk to leading researchers in my desired area on a 1 to 1 basis which will be a brilliant opportunity for any candidate. I would like to wish everyone who has applied for the Nano4life good luck and to the winners to take full advantage of the opportunity!

Source: britishsocietynanomedicine.org