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Upcoming Events

There are some big events coming up which I am really looking forward to.

Firstly I  will be live on air on BBC radio Lincolnshire, Monday 19th May at 8:50am discussing my undergraduate experience at the University of Lincoln and my plans for the future. I am really looking forward to the experience and I hope you can listen live. An offline version after the broadcast will be made available which I will link as soon as possible.

Secondly, there is a conference at the beginning of June (2nd-3rd) where undergraduates from the University of Lincoln can present there independent research project work. The conference will be a 2 day event open to the public where Monday will be biomedical science and forensic science presentations and Tuesday will focus on biological sciences such as nutrition, animals and plants. I will be presenting Monday morning and the event is being held in the Engine Shed on the University of Lincoln Brayford campus. The research I will be presenting was mentioned in a previous blog post here.

Currently I have my final exams so a lot of my time is dedicated revision where my final exam is on the 4th of June.