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Pulling everything together

Finally reaching a point with my research where everything I have designed and experimenting in my PhD has worked separately and now it is time to pull it altogether and produce the results I need which is far easier said than done. I am finding every small innovation leads to more problems but the result is within sight and I am just adjusting small parameters which can have dramatic effects on the dynamics within my microfluidic device.

Currently I am having an issue translating from previous ingredient for a hydrogel to a like-for-like ingredient which in theory should be biological similar, if not the same, but appear to have very different behaviors. I feel I am over confident to think by resolving this issue I can jump ahead to the big experiments so I am attempting to look for additional like-for-like ingredients and planning for other issues I anticipate to occur.

It is very frustrating knowing that your work appears to be fundamentally there but in practice falls apart and I am finding with great patience comes great rewards. Sooner than later I hope!

As always, thanks for reading!

PhD Update – 19 Months

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