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Applying for a IAESTE placement

Not sure if many people have heard of IAESTE but it stands for “The International Association of Students for Technical Experience” and as an undergraduate student such as myself I thought this would be perfect to apply for!

With an IAESTE application, you have to apply by December of the following year you wish to enter and complete the application by the middle of Feburary and find out the result by the middle of March. I personally applied to 3 placements: Japan, Belgium and Hong Kong and I was unsuccessful at receiving any placement. The email I received implied I didn’t get a placement due to large numbers of applicants and priority was given to applicants who had found a placement or there university was offering a placement. I would have enquired about feedback but again, due to large numbers of applicants, individual feedback wasn’t given. The large number of applicants this year which could explain the server problems for IAESTE had in the UK where results were received a week larger than previously stated.
My thoughts on the whole process was did I have any chance with applicants from universities offering placements and students that had found there own placements for an exchange? Or was my applicants so bad that I was rejected right away? Only IAESTE can answer these questions but unfortunately are unavailable to answer. One last thing they did suggested was if the are any late offers, applicants can apply for the position but if there are any priority students, they’ll recieve priority so is it worth my time applying? I personally will but I’m not too opportunistic about the outcome.

Saying this, I am not annoyed about the process and I’m glad I received the experience of applying but I wish I had the feedback so I can improve my application next time or for future opportunities. I am disappointed I didn’t have the opportunity to travel and work abroad as it would have looked amazing for an undergraduate. My advice for anyone else applying for a IAESTE placement, prepare to be disappointed.

Source: IAESTE