There’s a lot of literature out there about nanomedicine and it can be hard to find information which is reliable and informative. This page is dedicated to various media from books, podcasts and videos to help explain and inform people about nanomedicine.

  • Beginner: No previous knowledge required on nanomedicine to understand the media.
  • Intermediate: Basic knowledge required to understand some of the concepts discussed.
  • Advance: Substantial knowledge required to understand the concepts. These will generally be journal articles.

Level: Beginner

A great starter book is ‘Nanotechnology for dummies’. The ‘for dummies’ series is well known for teaching beginners everything they need to know using a simple and basic language. Also, the book covers a wide range of categories in nanotechnology giving a complete, simple breakdown of the discipline allowing understanding of more complex applications in nanomedicine. Only issue with this book is the age, as nanotechnology is a fast-paced field where the more information hungry reader may find the book limited.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

TED talks are a great resource for those of us that like presentations similar to those given by Professor Brian Cox. New lectures are added monthly but one in particular I recommend watching is ‘Is a vaccine for cancer possible?’ by Sonia Trigueros. This is an up-to-date lecture which talks about the design of nanoparticles to deliver drugs to specific targeted areas of the body.

Level: Intermediate

One great resource related to everything nanotechnology is Nanohub.org which hosts a variety of information. The nanohub-U portion of the site has fantastic lectures from a variety of Universities. One particular lecture series I recommend is ‘Engineering nanomedical systems’ by James Leary. The lecture series delves into many concepts of nanomedicine from design, cellular environments, surface chemistry and imaging.



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