Happy New Year & Spring Clean

Hey all,

I have been very busy with research and presenting my work so apologies for not updating earlier. Some of the events I have done over the past few months have been very fun especially meeting the Duke of Kent who visited to know more about Synbio, EPSRC Healthcare presentation and a big lab move from Physics to Life Science which is still in progress.

The Duke of Kent visit was very interesting, not only presenting my work to the royal highness but to seeing the many other aspects of synbio around the university presented. The setup was similar to pop-up demonstrations stations which had around 10 minutes. I present my work on swarming Nanomedicine and a little part of swarm robotics. More information can be found here: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/news/2016/november/duke-of-kent-.html

The EPSRC Healthcare day was very interesting with different engineering projects with the combined focus towards beneficial medical applications. Where my research focuses highly on the medical field from using a chip to monitor nanoparticle swarm behaviors, other topics ranged from acoustic manipulation of the environment to statical approaches to cancer gene expression. Even working in the same department I am always surprised by the diversity of projects and the application to the medical field.

The big lab move comes after a few months of planning but will now be official lab desk space for me to work compared to hot desking and will hopefully mean the possibility of running and producing more materials for my experiements. It has been a long time coming.


Also I am nearing the point of producing a paper but I am having small issues with the synthesis of the various parts to carry out the experiments such as the hydrogel preparation, nanoparticles and microparticles being used. It is frustrating knowing how close I am to having the data and how small parts interfere but has developed my work methodology to avoid these situations in the future. Hopefully my next post will be a summary of the publication process and the rush to fit some more exciting work before the end of my funding *fingers crossed*.

As always, thanks for reading.

PhD Update – 30 Months

Funded by EPSRC at the University of Bristol; Associated with Bristol Robotics Lab, University of the West of England.


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