Results – Bristol Science Film Festival

The award ceremony  for the Bristol Science Film Festival was tonight, I was fortunate enough to be shortlisted for the local category which was a great honour. There was many fantastic videos, from all areas of Science such as biology, chemistry, maths and engineering.

Unfortunately I did not win but I had fantastic time watching the other entries and learning so much about the other disciplines. I urge everyone to watch the entries which were all fantastic. I will update when the shortlisted videos are made available on the BSA (British Science Association) website.

Thanks to everyone as watched my video, I am hoping to make more very soon. Stay tuned!

In other news my research has started to come together and I am very excited for the potential future!! Again, I will update with more when I have the time. To reference back to my previous blog post almost 4 months ago, it’s the last 5% which can take the same time or longer than the other 95% of the project.

As always, thanks for reading!

PhD Update – 17 Months

Funded by EPSRC at the University of Bristol; Associated with Bristol Robotics Lab, University of the West of England.


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