Currently I’ve been very busy with various tasks and my research but over the past few weeks I have participated in a few outreach events.

One thing which many researchers overlook is outreach and communication of their own research. It is very important to explain your research to a wide range of different audiences. Over the past few weeks I have presented kilobots at a future science event in Bristol, to potential engineering maths undergraduate students as well as Thymios to a primary school.

Each event brought different challenges and questions. For example, I would not be talking the same to knowledgeable researchers, as I talk to children in a primary school. This really practises your skills to explain a concept in simpler language as well as more complex language without diluting the meaning of a concept. Also, I really enjoy the questions and ideas generated by talking to the public as it gives a new perspective and ideas for my project and helps me try something new.

I know when I was younger, one of my fondest memories was designing electronic devices as well as understanding how different things work and interacted. I do feel it is a shame that science is not more main stream compared to some of the day time and evening entertainment on TV.

At least, as a researcher, I am attempting to inspire the public. Here are some images from my school outreach!

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PhD Update – 16 months.

Funded by EPSRC at the University of Bristol; Associated with Bristol Robotics Lab, University of the West of England.


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