Christmas Time

Merry Christmas!

It’s been a while since I have posted and that is due to the full time research I have been involved with starting with new members to the team, new projects and still working towards fixing my microfluidic device. I understand now what researchers mean by the last 5% of the project taking the longest to achieve compared to the previous 95% of work.

So the last 5% generally is the polishing touches to the setup and the method which is almost there as well as getting the device to a point where it is repeatable which is becoming ever more important in research as a whole. It is frustrating and I would like to move onto the next part but I am determined to do this project well and without a solid base to build upon, all the following work will dilute my time to possibly many incomplete projects. Currently I have some interesting results so hopefully *soon* I can move onto the next phases.

Also, I have said it in previous blog posts, time has passed very fast, where I have been working on my PhD for a year and a half now and thinking back to this year from presenting at the science museum, all the different people I have met at various conferences (NanoMED, Advances in Nanotechnology. etc) and all the new techniques from microfluidics to robotics, it feels far longer than one year worth of experience.

I’m very excited to look forward to next year, if it’s anything like this year then it will be very busy, stressful but very fun and rewarding.

Hope you have a good holiday and thanks for reading!


PhD Update – 14 months.

Funded by EPSRC at the University of Bristol; Associated with Bristol Robotics Lab, University of the West of England.


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