New Year, New ideas

The first three months of my PhD have passed by relatively quickly, looking back it’s hard to believe how time has flown! The Christmas break has given me time to relax as well as to focus and be refreshed; Looking back at my work as well as towards the future to plan my next steps and consider new ideas.

As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, most of the work up to now has been literature reviews on the various aspects of nanomedicine such as the various materials used for nanoparticles which affect and define a variety of applications. There are daily breakthroughs in nanomedicine, similar to many other fields of research, so my work is never done. Research is only half the job, the other half is producing new novel work.

This novel work can take many forms but mine is focused in the wet lab space, playing around with nanoparticles and producing useful. Most of the focus at the moment is on the ground work but I’m using this period of time to plan experiments and work out possible complications (almost the only guarantee in research). Also, I am working in the Bristol Robotics Lab, where I have the opportunity for dry lab experience programming robots.

This year, I am hoping to produce useful information for the computer models as well as improve the current microfluidic devices I have designed which I will begin testing soon. Also I am looking at attending conferences which will give me new directions to take my research.

PhD Update – 3 months.

Funded by EPSRC at the University of Bristol; Associated with Bristol Robotics Lab, University of the West of England.


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