UPDATE: Past 3 months

So three months have past and I have been very busy from the success of winning the Nanomedicine Essay Competition by the British Society of Nanomedicine and winning entry to the Nano4Life 2013 conference; studying a nano-pharmaceutical course at the Nanomedicine Summer School carried out by Oxford University Department for Continuing Education; as well as carrying out lab experience at the University of Lincoln.

First I am really proud and privileged to have won one of the two places for the Nanomedicine Essay competition which I mentioned in a previous post. The conference Nano4Life 2013 was held on the 15th of May 2013 and I found the experience extremely useful in gaining new knowledge and meeting people very passionate about nanomedicine. I further gained an insight into the new developments into nanomedicine which are ever developing into a wide and vastly evolving area. A link to a press description by the University of Lincoln can be found here.

Secondly I attended a nano-pharmaceutical course at the Nanomedicine Summer School carried out by Oxford University Department for Continuing Education. At the summer school I met fellow scientists, researchers and students which I conversed with and learnt a great deal about the different applications for drug delivery and new advances such as using thermo-responsive nano-particles to deliver chemo therapy drugs to tumours/cancers where some are 2-3 degrees above the normal temperature of the body. Another interesting fact I gathered from my experience at the Nanomedicine school was the issues involved in pharmaceutical licencing as one modification which can normally be done to a drug such as paracetamol cannot be done to a nano-particle as it may change every property of the particle such as toxicity, localisation and bioavailability in the body. Furthermore, changes in the protocol of designing a new nano-particle for drug delivery can affect the same properties I have mentioned previously.

As well as all of the studying I have done, I have managed to fit in some work experience at the University of Lincoln and get experience with protein purification as well as attaching protein to a gold nanoparticle. Furthermore I had experience using a new piece of equipment called the NanoSight. Nanosight is a brilliant piece of equipment which uses a normal optical light microscope which is stripped down to use a laser to measure the light scattering off particles of nano-size in solution using the Brownian motion. I have had experience of measuring gold nano-particles.


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