Hunting for Internships in Nanomedicine

With the ever-growing pressure to get a high level degree, many undergraduate students such as myself require something a little extra to stand out from the crowd hence an internship or a summer placement.

Nanoscience placements, like many other placements in science, are few and far between but there are sites available such as London Centre for Nanotechnology, a joint collaboration between UCL and Imperial, which give a short list of available opportunities to undergraduates in my position. Although this list looks promising, it is limited by the fact these are more scholarships and bursaries without an actual place to carry out research and seem to be generic opportunities in the sense they cover a wide variety of scientific meaning they’ll be very competitive and most, if not all, bursaries and scholarships have a deadline in February.

Currently I am looking at the  Wellcome Trust Scholarships where I plan to e-mail enquiring any placements available at a possible summer school or university. I don’t think I have a chance at all finding a placement through the Wellcome Trust as I know the competition for 2013 funding has ended and funding is assigned to intuition with placements filled not empty as the intuition may not fill the position but you never know till you enquire.

Source: London Centre for Nanotechnology and Wellcome Trust Scholarships


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