Organising a Grant Writing Workshop (OOACT-organised)

It’s been a while since I’ve written as there has not been much to talk about due to being made unemployed and COVID limiting opportunities. Since my previous, rather questionable, post doc where COVID and lack of supervision among other things meant that little was achieved… I have been unmotivated to pursue something in academia.… Continue reading Organising a Grant Writing Workshop (OOACT-organised)


My First Post Doc

I finished my first post doctorate… it was an experience to say the least. OMMS website – Read more about the team and project here! I recently finished a post doctorate at the University of Kent. The project focused on On-body Me Manufacturing Systems (OMMS) which had the ambiguous challenge of creating an on-body device… Continue reading My First Post Doc

The next 20 years of Nanomedicine – Micro-Literature Review

This review is based upon Richardson, J. J., & Caruso, F. (2020). Nanomedicine toward 2040. Nano Letters. The past 20 years of nanotechnology have seen major advancements in nano-fabrication and new nanotechnologies. As highlighted by Richardson and Caruso, the majority of developments so far have been nanomaterials for photovoltic applications, generating electric (voltic) from… Continue reading The next 20 years of Nanomedicine – Micro-Literature Review

MBP Squared – The Last Ever?

Neuron cell highlighting several structures. The myelin sheath insulates the axon stopping any cross-signalling. Image from Wikipedia Commons.

MBP2 (Myelin Basic Protein Squared) is a science outreach project I have been involved in during my current postdoc at the University of Kent in a local Canterbury school. The outreach project studied the formation of the myelin sheath caused by phosphorylation of MBP. This has been a successful project engaging with students and involving… Continue reading MBP Squared – The Last Ever?

Organ-on-a-chip Shop – Outreach

I was a volunteer for the Organ-on-a-chip shop, Science Museum Lates on the 29th January 2020. It was an exciting project to educate the public about microfluidic cell culture chips that emulate the flow mechanics of an entire organ or organs activities and physiological response. These chips are used to simulate disease states as well… Continue reading Organ-on-a-chip Shop – Outreach

MBP Squared – Biophysics Outreach

Currently in my post doctorate at the University of Kent, our group participates in outreach at a local school. The project is called MBP2 (Myelin Basic Protein Squared). We engage with students once a semester (up to 3 times a year) to an audience of 17-18 year olds. The aim is to provide the students… Continue reading MBP Squared – Biophysics Outreach